Family Counselling

Healthy families are the building blocks of a healthy society.  We look at our family as a safe haven to run to, when we need support.  However, sometime our family is the source of our stress.  We may have unresolved issues with our parents and in-laws, our teenagers, or our adult children.  In some cases, we form a relationship with people who have children from their former partners and we start a new blende/step family.  Studies have shown that second marriages are 10 to 20 percent more likely to fail than first marriages, and that children have a great impact on the quality of second or third (or subsequent) marriages.  A therapist can help parents and children resolve family conflicts and work towards a healthier, more satisfying relationships within a family.

I can help you with:

  • Issues specific to blended and step families
  • Resolving issues within your family
  • Enhancing communication between family members
  • Improve relationship between family members
  • Examining your family system and recognizing the impact on the members of the family